Welcome to the first blog from The New Inn at Brampton,

What a first 21 days it has been: a time of  tremendous excitement, but also of awful tragedy, which has affected ourselves and, more so, our neighbours and local customers. Our thoughts have been with the families of Jill and Danny through this very difficult time.

We would like to thank our new neighbours and friends for such a warm welcome to the village and we have enjoyed meeting and talking to the many visitors from Croft End Caravan Park and the various B&Bs and holiday parks in the area. You sure have made it a time to remember.

From our opening night, which proved rather more problematic than expected (what with our rather infant-like beer behaviour and temperamental taps) to our forgetting to bring out our taster menu, which Chris had prepared for the evening, we were straight into a packed Sunday lunch service on Easter Sunday. Despite the minor teething problems, all came up rosy and we’re still here (just).

Big Nige the pub cat has settled in well and seems to be more famous than the food at the moment- even the postman is asking after him- we on the other hand are asking after our post. Who knew living in Brampton could cause so much confusion for our HP instant ink delivery.


Chris’ children have enjoyed visiting the new pub- although we  feel like the sweet shop in Appleby and Joan and Alan’s horses have been a huge draw!

We are still excited about the not too imminent arrival of our first child together, who is expected to make his or her appearance some time around June. Chloe is taking on board all your advice and does plan to put her feet up at some point.  Until then, she’ll just keep moaning about her back!

Going forward, we have plans to develop our current start up menu and introduce you all to some of Chris’ more interesting dishes while keeping all the pub classics. Just on a side note: the ‘Almost Legendary’ Fish and Chips won’t be going anywhere.


We have loads of local ales for you to try. The plan is to keep these rotating so make sure you pop in regularly to ensure you don’t miss out on some real treats.

Keep up with our craic on social media and our website. You never know what’s going on at the Inn until you’re in!

Take care,

Chris (The Chef), Chloe (The BOSS) and #BigNige (The Pub Cat)